STRATEGIC MARKETING Research & Learn to Succeed

Knowledge base to succeed

Understand and respect rules of the market to determine a winning strategy. A continuous updated support makes the difference in leading your venture in the US.

Learn about Competition and Position

You must be able to examine competition by observing sales strategies, in order to succeed. You can learn to differentiate your own offerings by creating a position and stable value for the product.

Mkt. Analysis; Mkt Approach Strategy; Funding; Business Plan

It is useful to get the assistance of decision makers when they are considering alternative development opportunities. We can further assist in the development of your business plan based upon our review of the risks and projected returns associated with your project. Related, we can recommend to you suggested approaches to raise capital to fund your plan.

Implement a Winning Strategy

Once you have created a solid foundation, an organized system to find a window in the customer’s mind becomes necessary.
The trump card is to make new meanings and word associations to solidify the identity of the company.
After creating a strong identity it may be useful to get information on the internal organization: these information concern the management of inventory data and the fair price which as to be attributed to products.

MANAGING OPERATIONS Setup & Menage a local stable presence

Keeping control of Your Brand & Save Money

An advisor will be helpful to get control of your brand and to create an appropriate spending plan. We understand that moving to new markets requires compliance with local incorporation and business laws. Our trusted advisor will assist you to navigate these areas of compliance so you can concentrate on building your brand

Working Visa Advisory

We understand the entry to market is more efficient if “done right” from the beginning. Immigration compliance is a key element to this process. Our immigration advisor will assist you to appropriately analyze and develop the appropriate immigration strategy to meet your business needs.

Administration; Finance; IRS; more…

We’ll support you in your job by giving you the tools to recruit administrative staff, general management, leadership; they allow you to manage taxes, and more.

Sales/ Agents; Employees

Every company pointing to success requires equally driven sales agents introducing their products to potential buyers in the external marketplace. The true strength of a company brand is reflected in its employees. Through our employee recruitment consultant, we can assist you to obtain a satisfied staff that is both efficient and reflective of your brand.

Show, Store, and Deliver Your Brand to the Market

Our advice will be useful also to manage an effective warehouse, a presentation of the product to the public or an organization of your exhibition space.

SALES & PRODUCTION Establish a solid turnover

Advisory & Suppport in Finding Key Opportunities

Together with us you will create a global network of distributors and partners who can provide local inventory, product support, and can offer a wide range of logistics services.

Advisory & Support to Sell Your Brand Directly to the Consumers

You’ll receive support to start your selling point or to evaluate the opening of new branches.

Enhance Competitiveness with a Local Production Plant

If your company works well and your business is growing up, together with us, you can consider  the possibility to create a production unit.