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WHY U.S.A.? An amazing market opportunity

Estimated GDP 2022:

+4.7 (2021 +10.0)


Corporate Taxes 21.0%
Individual Income Taxes Rate: 37.0%

Business Confidence: 101.0 (Moody's)

Index: 2010 = 100; Italy: 100.5

Population: 333+ Mil. - Unemployment Rate: 3.8%

Consumer Confidence: 97.7

Index 2010 = 100

Avg. Salary: $ 53.5k (2022) with 3.8% expected increase

(Italy $ 44.7 in 2022)


To turn complexity into improvement and innovation opportunities for the future of your company in US.

This is our mission.

Questions & answers

In the US any citizen, from any country, can open his own business. The American market is the most important export market for European companies; it’s stable and responsive to the start up of new businesses and development of existing ones; for Americans “made in EU“  it’s synonymous with quality, history, culture; furthermore, American bureaucracy has clear and simple rules.

It’s necessary your product comply with certifications and requirements to attract distributors, buyers, and consumers; the American market is “super crowded” by competitors coming from around the world; so it is expensive, competitive and sometimes provides some protection; it’s vital to approach it thorough market research, a solid business plan, and a solid strategy.

Follow few basic steps with a keen understanding advising. Identify the name of your business locally; request the US tax authority, the ‘Internal Revenue Service’, your company Tax ID number. Eventually, get a business license and make sure to comply with VISA requirements to be able to work legally in the Country.

To set up a company in the US is not necessary any specific Visa. If you want to run the business in person and live in the US,  you have to apply for a Visa E2, ‘Visa for the investors’.