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This is the beginning! Your journey to increase your company value, attract more customers, and lead your market.


G&G Consulting Co.’s passionate vision is to lead ambitious entrepreneurs to establish a successful business in the United States. Our tested and proven expertise in strategic planning & execution, product and market development are the keys to increase the revenues of your organization.  We are not simply a “doing marketing company”; we are rather your strategic partner to help you apply the right marketing strategy to best sell your products.
We are efficient. We are not interested in just introducing you to any customer. Our approach is focused to introduce you to the best and the right customers to ensure that your sales teams can be in position to solicit the right new prospects. We provide you with the tools you need to reach them. We use our proven methodologies in market review, prospective customer messaging and ROI to help you target these new prospects.



TIME IS MONEY! We recognize that each marketing dollar is well spent if focused on attracting more defined “A-List” preferred customers, selling more product and increasing revenue while successfully establish your business presence in the Unites States. To us, marketing means ensuring your products find access to market and result in increased sales thereby increasing company value.


We are driven to assist focused entrepreneurs finding new prospective customers, open new market opportunities and increase their brands’ value. Our proven methodologies and experience make us your trusted and valuable strategic partner.


Marketing Strategist


Our Marketing Strategist is Paolo Gardani. Mr. Paolo Gardani has more than 20 years of experience in assisting Italian companies aiming to enter the US market and establish a consolidated presence in the most competitive market in the World. For those companies looking to establish operations in the USA, Mr. Gardani assists in the strategic approach, analysis, and executions of all practices to accomplish the mission. Mr. Gardani’s keen understanding of both EU and US markets sales and marketing approaches is vital to better support companies in reaching their goals and increasing brand value and awareness. Eventually, Mr. Gardani’s cultural background has a strong impact in effectively ‘translate’ the US consumers’ needs to overseas companies in order to dramatically reduce time and costs to get the right products to the market.


Robert Seiger

Our Counsel is Robert Seiger. Mr. Seiger is a Partner with the law firm of Archer.  Archer has a distinguished history in the United States as a full-service law firm for more than 85 years.  Mr. Seiger, based in Philadelphia, has more than 20 years of experience assisting both United States and International clients with their global mobility needs. For those international companies looking to establish operations in the United States, Mr. Seiger assists in the analysis and execution of all of the required corporate legal needs to set up business operations, hire a work force and manage their employees. Related to these services, Mr. Seiger provides United States immigration law guidance and direction to ensure the efficient transition of our clients’ executive teams to the United States. Additionally, Mr. Seiger provides on going immigration compliance guidance and best practices. For those clients looking to expand their operations or move a workforce globally, Mr. Seiger assists to ensure these business goals are efficiently met and compliant with the laws of the local jurisdiction.